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We offer a range of psychological and counselling services including cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), psychodynamic psychotherapy and group workshops and seminars.


Group Counselling

Some problems are better managed when people get support from others in a similar situation.



Psychotherapy tends to focus on resolving long-standing, ‘deeper’ concerns. These may be feelings, patterns, behaviours or attitudes that have troubled a person in all aspects of their daily life for many years.


Career Management

At Links Psychology our approach to career management draws on expertise in a range of disciplines including vocational assessment, human resource development, and life coaching and change management.



Medicare is now available for psychology. Read this section to find out more.


Psychological Assessment

Psychological assessment measures such things as personality, career aptitudes, personal strengths, intellectual and other abilities.


Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)

Links Psychology EAP’s comprise a wide range of individual and group interventions, workshops, seminars and training services. We specialise in providing training and team-building packages.



A Medico Legal report is a detailed report that can assist with compensation claims and disputes.


Psychological Risk Assessments and Court Reports

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