Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Links Psychology EAP’s comprise a wide range of individual and group interventions. An EAP is a customised counselling and Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) Program for the staff of participating organizations.With experience in private industry, the government sector and the emergency services, our expertise is in tailoring a program best suited to your company's particular needs. Our strength is in identifying areas that require intervention and implementing on-going, effective programs.

EAP’s are funded by organizations at no cost to their staff. Staff members may contact us in confidence, or be referred by their organizations. Counselling and CISM are usually conducted off-site and, if convenient, outside work hours. EAP’s are valuable whenever there are critical incidents (accidents, natural disasters, serious misconduct etc.), performance issues, staff burnout, conflict and management difficulties. 

EAP’s offer benefits to all parties:

  • Enhanced productivity, job satisfaction and morale
  • Reduced turnover, absenteeism and conflict
  • Improved staff relations
  • Increased customer satisfaction