National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

At Links Psychology, we can provide psychological counselling and services for individuals with NDIS. However, as we are not a registered service provider with NDIS, individuals will either need to be self-managed or have a Plan Manager (third-party funder) to manage their NDIS plan*.


We will be able to cater to all specific mental health needs and psychological assessments needed for each client. If you are currently applying for a Disability Support Pension through Centrelink, we can assist in psychological assessments and create reports for those purposes.


Functional Capacity Assessment

We are also able to provide a functional assessment to show how your mental health condition affects you in your everyday life. This can then be given to NDIS and your third-party funder.


*Note: if your plan is NDIA managed, you can only access NDIS providers.


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